Residential Floorplan Prices

0-1,000 sq. ft              $115, 1,001-2,000 sq. ft.      $130

2,001-3,000 sq. ft.      $150,   3,001-4,000 sq. ft.      $170

4,001-5,000 sq. ft.      $190,   $10 more per 1,000 sq. ft.

Attached Garages, Porches, Decks included at no extra charge.  Pricing includes 2 Print Quality PDF’s (MLS compliant, non branded version and a branded version with your logos/address/phone #’s).  We’ll email the PDF Floor Plans as attachments and provide links.  Great for your brochures.   Provide your listing MLS# and we’ll post the floor plan to MLSPin.  If you order a Virtual Tour from us there is no additional charge to make it an Interactive Virtual Tour (examples on bottom of this page) with the Floor Plan & Virtual Tour.  We will send 2 separate links to MLS.   Our turnaround time is approximately 2 business days for completed plans, but often they are ready the evening following the onsite appointment.  Please note that we do not permit floor plans produced by us to be used in other company’s virtual tours.


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